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АБС пластик (АБС, ABS, ASA) - SF-0950

Acrylonitrile-butadiene- styrene-
Methylmethacrylate, wt%
Additives, wt% < 3.0
Черный K21294
Хранение хранить в прохладном, сухом и хорошо проветриваемом месте

Физико-химические свойства

1. General information
A. Appearance: Pellet in natural or compounded color
B. Odor: Minimal
2. Important health, safety and environmental information:
A. pH: Not applicable
B. Boiling point/boiling range: Not applicable
C. Melting point: Not available
D. Flash point: Not applicable
E. Flammability(solid, gas): Not available
F. Explosive properties: Not available
G. Oxidizing properties: Not available
H. Vapour pressure: Not applicable
I. Relative density: 1.1 ~ 1.3
J. Solubility: Not available
K. Water solubility: Insoluble
L. Partition coefficient: Not applicable
M. Viscosity: Not applicable
N. Vapour density: Not applicable
O. Evaporation rate: Not applicable


1. Stability
– Stable
2. Possibility of Hazardous Reaction
– Not likely occurs.
3. Conditions to avoid
– Avoid heat, flame, spark and other ignition sources
– Avoid contact with incompatible materials.
4. Materials to avoid
– Acids, flammable materials, base, halogenic carbon compounds, oxidizing materials.
5. Hazardous decomposition products
– Upon heating, cyanides, ammonia, acrylonitrile, styrene, carbon oxides, nitrogen.

Токсикологическая информация

1. Potential acute health effects
A. Inhalation : May cause irritation.
B. Ingestion : Not available
C. Eye contact : May cause irritation.
D. Skin contact : May cause irritation.
2. Toxicity and irritation:
A. Acute toxicity:
– oral: Other additive, LD50 7010 ㎎/㎏ Rat
– dermal: Other additive, LD50 3.97 ㎎/㎏ Rabbit
– inhalation: Other additive(vapour), LD50 > 5.3 ㎎/ℓ Rat
B. Skin corrosion/irritation: No relevant information found
C. Eye corrosion/irritation: No relevant information found
D. Respiratory sensitization: No relevant information found
E. Skin Sensitization: No relevant information found
F. Carcinogenicity: No relevant information found
G. Mutagenicity: No relevant information found
H. Reproductive toxicity: No relevant information found
I. Specific target organ toxicity(single exposure): No relevant information found
J. Specific target organ toxicity(repeated exposure): No relevant information found
K. Aspiration hazard: No relevant information found

Экологическая информация

1. Ecotoxicity: No relevant information found
2. Mobility: This product has not been found to migrate through soils
3. Persistence/degradability: No relevant information found
4. Bioaccumulative potential: No relevant information found
5. Results of PBT assessment: Not available