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АБС пластик (АБС, ABS, ASA) - VE-1897

Физические свойства
Specific Gravity: ASTM D792, Natural Color 1.15
M elt Flow Index: ASTM D1238, 200℃,5kg 17 g/ 10min
M old Shrinkage: ASTM D955 0.4-0.7 %
Механические свойства
Tensile Strength: ASTM D638, 20mm/min 210 kgf/ cm2
Flexural Strength: ASTM D790, 2.8mm/min 260 kgf/ cm2
Flexural M odulus: ASTM D638, 20mm/min 17500 kgf/ cm2
IZOD Impact Strength(notched): ASTM D256, 1/ 8 inch 9,5 kgf·cm/ cm
Rockw ell Hardness: ASTM D785, R-Scale 90
Термические свойства
Heat Deflection Temperature:  ASTM D648, 18.56kgf/cm2 72 oC
VICAT Softening Temperature:  ISO R 306, 5kg 81 oC
Воспламеняемость:  UL94, V-0 1.5, 3.0 mm


Flame-retardant HIPS w ith superior high impact and high flow that is used for TV exterior material