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Полипропилен (РР, ПП) - CB 6000 MO

Melt flow rate (MFR) (230°C/2.16Kg) 60g/10 min
Density (Method D) 0.900g/cm³
Flexural Modulus 1150 MPa
Tensile Stress at Yield 24 MPa
Tensile Elongation at Yield 6%
IZOD Impact Strenght – Notched (23°C) 5kJ/m2
Heat Deflection Temperature B (0.45 MPa, Unannealed) 90°C

Product Characteristics

Application Housewares. Opaque Containers. Furniture
Processing Method Injection Molding. TWIM
Market Consumer Products. Rigid Packaging
Features Good Dimensional Stability. HighFlow. Low Temperature Impact Resistance.

CB 6000 MO is polypropylene impact copolymer. With its high flow, excellent dimensional stability, and superior balance of stiffness and impact, this grades is especially suitable for injection molding. Potential end use applications of CB 6000 MO include electrical appliance parts, automotive parts, food packaging and housewares.This grade is not intended for medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Polypropylene (PP) pellet is typically packed in polyethylene bags with net weight of 25kg each. 50 bags are stacked on a flat wooden pallet (dimensions: 1100mm x 1300mm x 150mm) with net weight of 1250kg per pallet that is stretch-hood film wrapped. Upon agreement with a customer PP pellet can be packed into big bag sized for 1000kg on wooden pallet (dimensions: 1140mm x 1140mm x 150mm) without stretch-hood film wrapping. Polypropylene product of SOCAR Polymer cannot be transported in bulk using tank car.

Polypropylene product packed in 25kg bags or 1000kg big bags stacked on wooden pallet shall be stored in enclosed dry place preventing from direct sunlight at least 1 meter far from heaters, at temperature min. -15°C / max. 35°C, relative humidity max. 80%. Prior to processing PP product bags shall be kept in production area for at least 12 hours.